Writing round up

In case my maybe-one-post-a-month-if-you’re-lucky style isn’t cutting it and you need another fix, I’ve been getting around lately.

The future wears leggings on Pooping Rainbows – Yeah, I don’t get the website name either but the idea is a great one, a collection of bloggers who are responsible for one post a month, ignoring SEO-comments-click rates or whatever new popularity craze is out there and just concentrating on the writing, for fun, the way it used to be. I’m down. This month (and every 13th from now on) you can find me there. Also, check out the other writers because so far it’s shaping up to be a great little place.

A junior high school nearby bans leggings and yoga pants, citing them a “distraction” from learning. It doesn’t seem so long ago that I perched on a round table of friends, got french-kissed for the first time in the playground after school, thought how wet it was, how grown up. I still pulled out my garbage bag of Barbies sometimes, on sunny Sundays, laid out with my best friends in my front yard, play acting romance with our plastic dolls.

There was a time for distracting but it was not then.

Every Second Weekend book review on The Coast – A quick read from a local author, great for Mother’s Day.

The dialogue is sharp with no word wasted and the characters, despite being at times frustrating and unlikeable, feel real—like family you have the obligation to love, if not understand.

The Motivist zine review on Broken Pencil – a travel zine by Haligonians.

Reading their list of junk shops or marche-aux-puces to check out on the Cote-du-Sud, I’m reminded of my favourite place to spend a rainy weekend afternoon here in Nova Scotia. That would seem, after all, what The Motivist is after — motivating us to examine and cultivate a love of travel and adventure, even in our own backyards. This yellowed paper treasure trove is exactly the thing to spur you on to great discoveries. The first thing you will need is a subscription… and then maybe a bike.


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