Live-tweeting You’ve Got Mail and God, I’m going to miss Nora Ephron

With the sad news of Nora Ephron’s passing I had to relive some of my favourite Ephron movies in commemoration. This was the first. You’ve Got Mail isn’t on a lot of people’s favourites list but I always had a soft spot for the dial up AOL and killer ensemble cast (Dave Chapelle! Parker Posey! Greg Kinnear!). Plus, it always feels like Ephron is writing especially for Meg Ryan and in this movie she’s at her highest Meg Ryan-y height. Just the way she walks is equally cute and disturbing. I love the way Ephron writes about books in this movie and she’s on top of her “digress while in the middle of a fight” dialogue game, here and always. I’ve always found it interesting how these asides never seem out of place but rather natural—even though when I fight I hate the attempt to distract me. I’m MAD, don’t make me laugh! Finally, the quintessential Ephron breakup scene—at a restaurant, because when I’m ready to break someone’s heart I like to do it over fine food—wherein they come to a mutual and mature agreement that they don’t ACTUALLY belong together. Like friends. Not like real people.
Bottom line, this movie is cheese but melty, delicious cheese. So just eat it already.
It worries me that I am inadvertently sporting Meg Ryan’s haircut from You’ve Got Mail.
Remember dialup?! I feel like this is something that we as a nation have collectively blocked out. The wait was traumatizing. #YGM
Who brushes their teeth to check their email? Well, maybe I would if Tom Hanks narrated everything I read. #YGM
Brinkley the golden retriever steals every scene he’s in. Tough luck, Parker Posey. #YGM

Look at that mug though, she never had a chance. #YGM

Brinkley: “Ask for nudes man, ASK FOR NUDES.” #YGM

Tom Hanks: “No, I love Patricia. Patricia is amazing. Patricia makes coffee nervous.” #YGM
Now, I’m just snowballing here, but I’m thinking the more you say someone’s name in a single breath—the less likely you are to love them.
It’s no coincidence that Patricia, Parker Posey and poison all share that spit it out hard P. Or, I guess maybe it could be a coincidence.
Meg Ryan’s bookstore is called The Shop Around the Corner. No wonder your business is failing. People keep coming in looking for gum & porn.
“Is it infidelity if you’re involved with someone on email?” #YGM #ifyouhavetoask
Mucky muck: “Aw, another independent bites the dust.” Old CEO: “On to the next!” It’s funny because nothing’s changed. #YGM
Meg Ryan orders a caramel macchiato every morning from Starbucks and then rants about a corporate bookstore chain opening. Huh. #YGM
“Do you ever feel like you’ve become the worst possible version of yourself?”
“Do you think we should meet?” …and Meg Ryan has the exact same reaction online daters have been having ever since.

OMG is that Torres from Grey’s Anatomy working at Zabars? #YGM

People really don’t have enough group piano sing-a-longs anymore.
“@birdykins: People really don’t have enough group piano sing-a-longs anymore.” Mostly due to scarcity of pianos and sing-a-longs these days.  Eric Leclerc
@leclercCreative A travesty, really.
Tom Hanks: “That reminds me of the first day I met you.” Meg Ryan: “The first day you lied to me.” #love #YGM
Brinkley sighting! I’m also sad that you didn’t get more screen time, Brinkley. #YGM

They get stuck in an elevator and Parker Posey paints her nails. Pretty sure this is the inspiration for M. Night Shyamalan’s last movie.
Sometimes I like to stop romantic comedies before the end so the characters never get together and I can think about how shitty life is.
Oh, Tom Hanks, playing against yourself to woo Meg Ryan, you’re soooo clever. #YGM
Brinkley + true love = game over.

You might remember a few years ago I did something similar with West Side Story and pledged to live-tweet the classics and then promptly forgot about it. I’m resurrecting the idea! Now’s the time to unfollow! Tonight: An Ephron-Streep one-two punch with Heartburn and Silkwood. Next week (maybe, let’s not get carried away), I’m thinking All About Eve and Vertigo. AND THEN THE WORLD! Follow along with me @birdykins.

2 thoughts on “Live-tweeting You’ve Got Mail and God, I’m going to miss Nora Ephron”

  1. I’m sad about Nora Ephron, I didn’t even really know her name till she passed, but her work was a pretty solid part of my pop culture education growing up. Love the live tweeting, hey! Awesome to see Sara Ramírez pre greys 🙂

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