The Writer

NvO3ySr- Lindsay Gloade-Raining Bird is a writer of short prose, a lover of fiction and collector of cats. She lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, with her husband where she currently hoards books and works at the local library in Administration.

Her book reviews and various other writings have been found at The Coast, Atlantic Books Today, Bookshelf and Broken Pencil.

You can follow her on Twitter at @birdykins or email her questions, comments, funny anecdotes, or books to review at

This is her dog Sundance. Bathe in his glory.



10 thoughts on “The Writer”

  1. Soooo….uhhhh…I read your entire blog right now. I love what you have to say and the songs you post and everything about it. Write more please. It makes it feel like you’re not so far.

  2. You’re a natural born writer Lindsay! Keep traveling . . .keep taking it all in.
    Great to cross your path in Mallorca, one of my favorite places in the world, and find out that we share the same birth date (albiet I’m nearly 30 years your senior). Did I tell you that when I was your age I was working on a similar degree and went all the entire way to emerge with a Ph.D in sociology in 1981?

  3. thankyou for dropping by the wendy house and leaving kind words on my mountain mary blog post. I love the style, voice of your blog (visuals / layout etc) and will have a look around your posts. I’m curious about the changes over time from teenage to 20’s you go though so many things…


  4. Came across your blog from Den’s. WOW. I’m loving the way you write and I think you’re pretty cool. We also have the same blog theme hehe 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your stories

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