What we always knew

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an emotional itch I can't get to. My best friend got engaged last month and I'm already writing my speech in my head, every night, while the neighbour's automatic flood light forces its way through our heavy curtains and everything still feels so immediate.… Continue reading What we always knew


The Interestings, life, love and not knowing anything at all, ever

We get bound up in each other. It's inevitable. That's what makes life interesting—the push and pull of people, especially the ones that you yearn for in one way or another, although not always the way that they want. We make promises in our youth that lack the follow through of day-to-day living. We love… Continue reading The Interestings, life, love and not knowing anything at all, ever

On growing apart, Girls and Friends Like Us

She suggests we become pen pals, though we live only a twenty-minute walk from each other, and suddenly it seems like my best friends are always screens, stamps, and several failed plans away. Like I woke up one morning and we suddenly stopped making time for each other. Or maybe it was always that way… Continue reading On growing apart, Girls and Friends Like Us

The Sweet Tooth

"It's amazing that you still haven't read Anna Karenina. And you call yourself an English major." "It's not that I haven't tried. There's something about the title that sets me off Karenina... Kar-nin-nin-a. I want to pronounce it like an engine revving. Is that weird? Don't answer that. Maybe it's just that I get so… Continue reading The Sweet Tooth


She's fresh from a four-month adventure in India. I'm pregnant with inertia. She offers me a one on one yoga class and we bend and stretch to the soothing current of her voice in my backyard, mosquitoes slapped against necks and arms between breaths. "This is why my guru tells us to practice indoors." An hour… Continue reading Inhale

Like a Heatwave

It's a heat wave and the radio warns us of the extreme temperatures burning through sunglasses and riding the wind. Humidity. Droplets of sweat forming above lips and between breasts. The sheen of summer on the small of her back as she flips over and groans. All of it inescapable. We tell time in discarded… Continue reading Like a Heatwave

Off The Wagon

I told my friend I was swearing off men. We made a pact. Three months we said, no dating, no flirting, no men of any kind, just life empty of all the needless complication. No waiting by the phone. No wondering. No needing someone else to validate you. Enough is enough. We pinky swore and… Continue reading Off The Wagon

The Drive

(photo via Randy P. Martin) The whole drive was platonic. Platonic bantering. Platonic stops for munchies. Platonic food fight on the interstate. Platonic bickering over control of the radio. Platonic battle for leg room. It wasn’t until they slept that an arm was flung absentmindedly overhead. That fingertips found a shoulder blade. That a thumb… Continue reading The Drive


We make French toast in the morning. The cinnamon and nutmeg filling the house with a comforting warmth. His arms find my waist and my lips search out his while the pan sizzles. I turn on the radio and put the kettle on for his tea, pour myself a cup of coffee, and lean back… Continue reading Denouement

No Direction Necessary

"Did you know L has moved back to the city?" "What?!" "Yeah, just a couple streets over." She gestures vaguely in the direction of the ketchup and I scan the restaurant, sure that with the mention of his name he will appear at my shoulder or manifest in the booth by the window. "Unacceptable. This… Continue reading No Direction Necessary