Fruit Fly Memories

The orange juice was too expensive. The orange punch was on sale. Only the rich drink vitamins, but we’re rich in dreams. I mixed it up in a stolen beer pitcher, I liked it more than I thought I should. Orange drink. Mmm.

It’s the middle of winter but we still have fruit flies, so we leave the window open to periodically freeze them out. They always return. Little thoughts that breed memories like nostalgia. Disgusting. I slam the lid on them, out of sight.

One followed me to the living room, flew too close to the sun. I stuck my finger in the glass and it crawled out slowly, saved. Punch drunk.

I squished it against my palm and then wiped it on my jeans.

I felt bad, but only for a moment. Life goes on.

Until it doesn’t.


8 thoughts on “Fruit Fly Memories”

  1. Adore. Especially “only the rich drink vitamins.”

    Also, there are fruit flies that won’t leave my apartment.
    They have driven me to near insanity and have consequently entered some poems going into Hello, Absurd World.

    1. I thought you might like that.

      There’s something about fruit flies… they transfer well to the page. I’m excited to see your fruit fly poems.

  2. I quit my blog recently. Perhaps winter is my season of quitting. I think what is more likely is that we are all waiting to get squashed. Waiting to get burnt. Waiting for our light to shine so brightly that the only thing left to do is *blip.*

    I like the cold. Keeps me on edge; changes the texture of my skin, reminds me of the bumps in the road, the things worth holding onto.

    I quit my blog recently and had nothing to say about it. I had nothing.

    “I felt bad, but only for a moment. Life goes on.”

    Thanks for keeping the window open.

    1. I can’t believe you quit your blog! But, it’s true, I followed your link to emptiness. This is upsetting.

      The window is always open for you. Feel free to send me personalized blog posts in the form of emails, I do so love your writing.

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