Twenty Eleven

I like the characters that come out after dark. The people who wrestle with demons across from you in Emergency, slouched against walls, jaws hanging open. You wait for hours just to hear your name. The excuses they make to start a conversation, just to talk about their pain.

We keep our eyes wide open, filling in yesterday’s crossword until 5 am when the next paper comes. I fall in and out of sleep on his arm.

7 hours later the doctor sounds our false alarm. We cancel New Year’s and sleep until dinnertime. Chinese food. A puzzle. Movies. Goodbye, 2010.

I make plans in my head.

Dear 2011,

I have great hopes for you. In 2010 I fell straight down the rabbit hole, this year I will be climbing back up. I’m finding myself around street corners, in conversations with strangers, on the walk to work.

I have promises to make. In 2011, I resolve to say yes more than no. To write every day and to post twice a week. To spend time alone. To open myself to new experiences, new people, new opportunities. To draw again. To start submitting my work. To use only natural products on my skin. To keep up on my correspondence. To eat local, to eat well, and to finally complete Couch to 5k. To take steps toward selling cupcakes at the Farmer’s Market. To drink green tea twice a day. To love harder, clearer, and with more thought than I ever have before.

I’m looking forward, not back. Up, not down. It’s a new year, a blank slate. Here’s to 2011, may it be our best year yet.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hunter says:

    Wishing you well in 2011! That’s a nice list of resolutions. Definitely start submitting work.

  2. I like that letter. I like it quite a lot.

    Happy New Years, lady!

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