The Cat

“Silent Night” by Alyssa Noches

(photo via Alyssa Noches)

It wasn’t the cat’s fault.

That’s what she had to keep telling herself.

Because, after all, when someone loves you and leaves you they always leave something behind.

Even if it’s just a well-worn t-shirt.

Or a tear in your favourite dress.

Maybe, a scar you have to explain, so you make up a new story every time and each story is similar only in that it leaves them out.

It’s not that cat’s fault that they’re gone.

But you blame the cat.

Because it’s all you have left.

*originally posted to my tumblr. I’m doing this thing where I write short posts that are inspired by pictures I find.  Send me a picture or the link to one and I’ll write a post for it. I mean, if you want.


4 thoughts on “The Cat”

  1. I’ve thought about doing this with my own photos on Flickr… Apparently it’s a thing. “Flicktion.”

    Love the photo, and your accompanying story. 🙂

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