The One With All The Honey

Press play to set the mood, then read.

Eddie Holman – I Love You

“There. That should hold you over.”

It’s past seven, the reservation is for nine. I’m cross-legged on the bed in my fluffy robe, hair wet from the shower. My stomach is already growling as he hands me the roll, sliced lengthwise, covered in butter and honey.

“No plate?”

“Wha–oh, shit. I forgot.”

I shrug and bite in. The honey thick, the butter creamy underneath it, the bread soft. He watches me eat. I’ve told him a million times how I hate being watched while I eat, but this time it doesn’t bother me. I hold his eyes with my own, watch him smile as I take another bite, the honey sliding down my fingertips, pooling delicately in my palm.

I take big bites. Savouring the moment. The sweetness. His eyes.

When the honey begins to travel down my inner forearm I hold it aloft, meet the rogue drip with my tongue, follow its path back up to my wrist.

He gulps.

“Hungry?” I offer him the untouched piece.

“Not for bread.” He whispers, but takes the bun proffered to his lips.

“Just hold it, then.”

With a full slice in his left hand and half a slice in his right he gingerly takes a bite. Occupied for the moment, I rise to my knees, untying my robe as I do, letting it fall over my shoulders and shaking out my damp hair.

He moans, mouth full.

“Good, huh?” I say gesturing to the bread. He slowly shakes his head, smirking.


“You have five seconds to get this bread out of my hands or it’s going on the sheets.”

I smile.


Reach out a finger and swirl it in the honey.


Hesitate a moment before my lips.


Then there is honey on my tongue. I let my eyes close and moan as I suck my finger thoroughly.


I open my eyes with a start, smacking my lips. “Well, that was deeelish–I’m just going to go get ready.” I say bouncing off the bed.

“Fuck it.”

I’m halfway to the door when his arms are around me. Giggling and squirming as he tosses me back onto the bed. Pinning my wrists above my head. I crane my neck up to meet his face above me. Suck softly on his bottom lip.

“Thanks for the snack, baby.”


Honey in the covers and my hair. Skin sticking to each other. Two bears sharing a jar.

I’m going to need to shower again before we go.


8 thoughts on “The One With All The Honey”

  1. Kristan: That is exactly the reaction I was going for. Exactly.

    Peter: I think the playfulness makes it real. And that is my favourite line, too.

    Ellie: Fantasy, yes. I know, I’m disappointed in myself, too.

    Bea: YOU’RE delicious.

    Hunter: 🙂

    Mr. Apron: You made me laugh out loud with that comment. Seriously.

  2. Mmmm, loving the sexy Lindsay. What Kristan said. (Also, don’t think me patronising when I say I found it endearing that Kristan went for ‘chick’.)

    Ok, totally going to have to eat some honey tomorrow.

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