Orion & The Internet

Sometimes I see the internet as an oily black sky; like the sky over the beach by my cottage. I am grounded with my toes buried in cold sand, head craned up and back, eyes as wide as they will go. Stars that blink morse-coded messages to my heart. Satellites that follow an arched path across the night. Waves that crash against my frontal lobe and drag all my thoughts out with the tide. I long to lick a finger and touch it to the light, have it cling to me with nothing but the power of my tongue to hold it steady. Keep it flush against my skin.

I would gather you in symbols. I would make constellations with your words.

I would find a deity in the meaning, in the bright emptiness of the world.


8 thoughts on “Orion & The Internet”

  1. And where are you within this constellation of impossible ease of knowledge and love and loss? Because, surely you know you’re right there in the middle of it all…

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