The One In Which I Take A Metaphor Too Far

That’s the thing about loving someone,  after a while it just becomes second nature, something you don’t have to necessarily think about except to stop doing. It’s that pair of shoes you reach for every morning and lace up your foot, if you want to wear something different you have to make a conscious decision to reach for something new. That new pair of shoes might even be better, prettier, less stained, but they will find ways of reminding you of the old, even if only because they aren’t broken in quite right.

I’ve been trying on new shoes, lately. The shoes I would probably buy are only available online and they aren’t shipping to my area for a while. I should have just bought those shoes when I had the chance. Still, it’s fun to shop, right?

I don’t know what I need. Leather thigh-highs? Some new sporty trainers? Classic black pumps? Something I can hike in? Strappy sandals? Fur-lined weather-proofed cozy things?

There’s so many options it’s exhausting but who wants to go barefoot? Not  I.

Discovery – Orange Shirt


10 thoughts on “The One In Which I Take A Metaphor Too Far”

  1. Sometimes instead of new shoes I used to prefer to revisit a faithful old pair of slippers but these days I’m happy to go barefoot until I have my Cinderella moment.

  2. Haha, I’m a massive fan of abusing the analogies also 😛 I get what you mean though, I feel like I’m betraying my past and good memories, that’s why I wait until my ‘precious belongings’ completely give up before I buy new ones. For instance, I still have my old school black and white iPod from 2003! Silly I know, and change is an inevitable part of life, but surely a facet of being human is our tendency towards the sentimental.

      1. I think we all know what type of guy a Croc represents and none of it is good. That would be a wake up hungover in the morning and wonder what the hell you have done sort of situation…

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