The One In Which I Swap Blogs: Then It Happened

Well. Today you’re in for a treat. It’s time to hand over the reins for the 20sb annual (sub annual? every so often?) blog swap. Yes, I totally signed up for that. It’s my new resolution #43: Be more involved. In anything and everything. In life. Maybe someday I’ll tell you the other 42 resolutions. That’s a lie, I just made them up. So, without further ado, here is Katie from Katie Dot Com.

Oh, and hey if you need your daily fix of that Birdykins melancholy that we all know and love (I hope) then head on over there to read all about how much I hate Halloween.


“Then It Happened”

Katie –

First off, hi, Lindsay’s friends and readers. *High Five*. It’s quite the honor to be posting over here today. Lindsay has an amazing way with words that I’m so in love with. I don’t know that I can satisfy you the way she does on a daily basis, but I’ll sure as hell try.

When I was going through school, I toyed around with a lot of ideas of what I wanted to do with my life. From archeologist to zoologist, I covered all of the bases. English was always my favorite subject and one of my teachers said to me one day, “Katie, you should be a writer.”

I didn’t even know writers got paid. Don’t judge me, I wasn’t the sharpest pencil. But once I learned that depending on how well you did, you could make a decent living, I realized that I wanted to be a writer.

I was going to be a professional writer.

Then he happened.

He told me he loved me – he told everyone he loved me. None of my other friends had an older man as a boyfriend that called them every lunch period. He’d pick me up from school (in my car) and as long as I was paying he was always with me. When I wasn’t willing to give all of myself to him right away, he got it elsewhere. I left school to be with him, to prove to him that I was worth his time. Then, I got smart and learned that no one should ever be taken advantage of, cheated on and expected to deal with it.

I was tricked, cheated and lied to. I recovered. I survived….

…I was going to be a professional writer.

Then he happened.

He was in the psychology field. He was sweet, loving, communicative and emotional. He gave me the first “Good Christmas” that I had in years.  I could learn a lot from him – especially how to make a girl feel like complete crap and make her think it’s her fault. Though I played my own games and did things that were unacceptable, I still hung on for the sake of saying I had someone. Hanging out with my friends, drinking beer and football were frowned upon. The more I discovered who I really was, the more he disliked me and the more he tried to mold me into his perfect mate. Unfortunately for him you can’t mold a brick. Fortunately for me, bricks are strong and can withstand some pretty severe trauma.

We broke, I broke, I survived….

…I was going to be a professional writer.

Then it happened.

I got severely depressed and couldn’t figure anything out. I felt alone, disheartened and isolated. Everyone else was finding love, getting married and having children. I was working a seemingly dead-end job with no education to back me up. I needed the job more than the job needed me. My friends were constantly deserting me for whoever their current love interest was. I was only good enough when it was convenient. This left me feeling worthless and I considered ending everything.

I snapped out of it, got help and survived…

…I was going to be a professional writer.

Then it happened.

I got laid off from my job, and had no where to turn. I started crumbling emotionally again, but then remembered who I was and where I had been. I’m a survivor. I survive things. I got my act in order, started applying for Freelance positions and landed my first one. Then I landed a second, and a third.

I fell. I got back up. I survived…

…I am a professional <freelance> writer.

It happened.


6 thoughts on “The One In Which I Swap Blogs: Then It Happened”

  1. I’ve never wanted to give someone a standing ovation, all alone in my office, at 9:18 in the morning before.


    1. Hahaha. I wanted to write the exact same thing but feared it might come across wrong.

      But now you’ve done it… I can too!


  2. I’ll second Mr. Apron with a slooooooow clap to a standing ovation. Great post, and hi Katie!
    You’ve got one new follower (actually, probably way more), someone who is definitely rooting for you to keep on surviving.

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