Late Night Ramblings

The lack of writing keeps me up tonight. Ideas bounce around in my head. Her voice and my voice collide and I’m not sure what are memories and what are fabrications. The constant drum in my head: I have to write, I have to write. But, who am I writing for?

I’ve been reading Anaïs Nin. I spend most of my day wasting time and when I go to bed I pull out the book no matter how tired I am. I pull her words up to my neck like covers and I am comforted. Her love and her passion give me something to look forward to. I’ve been living for myself these last couple of days. The worst kind of narcissism. Every word and every cloud and every pattern in the world was put there for me.

Today I saw animal faces everywhere. The outlines of jaws closing around my throat. I wasn’t scared. What is mortality but a reminder to live?

Even if living is just another cup of tea and a hundred or so words that I can finally be proud of.

Changing the subject, now. A few words for the interwebs. You might have noticed a few additions to the sidebar:

1) Sass @ Hot Piece of Sass: This woman does it all for me. She makes me laugh, cry, shudder… hell, sometimes she even turns me on. I’ve been quietly loving her blog for some time but then she had to go and give me an award and make me love her even more. Because, we all know the path to my heart is through flattery. Go check her out if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

2) Paige @ La Vie à Vernelle: Paige is lovely. She has always been lovely. I’ve been following her blog for ages and her twitter feed and somehow I never put two and two together. I’m easily confused, ok? Anyway, she is always ready with a bit of optimism to balance my moods. One of her recent posts really inspired me to get out, spend time with this city before I leave it. You don’t need company for that, just a thirst for adventure. Oh, and a good book.

There are a few others,

The always introspective and adventurous Floreta @ The Solitary Panda.

The devastatingly smart and spot-on Tristan @ The Almost Right Word.

The always stunning prose of moments captured by Zan @ A Cup Of Tea & A Wheat Penny.

Oh, and nothing new, but the devilishly hilarious Mr. Apron @ My Masonic Apron who recently nominated me to be 20sb’s featured blogger of November and always has only the kindest comments to leave me. Adore me some Apron, I do. Oh, and thank you loves who have voted for me so far. It’s so fantastic that I don’t even have words. Really. I know, hard to believe, me without words…

Thank you lovely bloggers who make these sleepless nights satisfying in their own way. Your words have a way of filling in all the cracks in my world. Well, some of them, anyway.

Later, gaters.

Kings of Convenience – Boat Behind


Have you been listening to Kings of Convenience? If you haven’t you should be.


3 thoughts on “Late Night Ramblings”

  1. I have to agree with Mr. Apron. You deserve it (and I’m willing to be honest and say that you deserve it more than most!).

    A wonderful compliment from you—I am reluctant to consider my writing “devastatingly smart” or “spot-on.” I sincerely appreciate it, especially when I have such a hard time actually posting these days. Between the demands of school and, what appears to be, a case of slight writer’s block, I can hardly even begin a sentence. Thank you. I hope that Oregon is treating you well…

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