Football With My Father

The screen flashes silent images of screaming fans

and armored men rushing at each other

colliding in rough embrace

muscles straining

a ball falls to the ground abandoned

the player examines his elbows for injury.

The radio disrupts the air

Prairie Home Companion

a laugh track

a banjo.

He sits in the middle of it

this media menagerie

diving hand into bag

and hand into bag

piling tortilla with bean dip

cheering along with the gaping mouths of

painted faces.

This is what I will remember

when impossibly old

I sit angled comfortably into chair

while sons and grandsons gather around

to explain the rules


When a cool breeze twines itself round my arm

travels down my collar.

When goosebumps arrive

a welcome guest.

When I recall the first football Sunday

that was more about the game

than the score.


3 thoughts on “Football With My Father”

  1. Lindsay– I’m shocked, stunned and dismayed to know that you think there are laugh tracks on “A Prairie Home Companion.”

    You make me cry.

    Next, you’ll try to tell me there was one on “Good Times.”

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