Geek it Out

A few things that I probably should have addressed by now but haven’t:

1) Welcome to all the new readers and thank you for your fantastic comments. I haven’t had the time to reply to them all but I plan to. I really appreciate the positive feedback on my writing, the more I hear it the more I believe it. So, thank you.

2) Another big thank you to Mr. London Street for featuring me on his “That Was the Week that Blogged” series. It was crazy unexpected and really humbling and also probably the main reason I suddenly have this new traffic, so again, thanks.

3) Speaking of the blog world. I’ve been meaning to mention a few fantastic blogs I have stumbled upon recently and am pretty sure you should check out.

  • Sean: My newest Portland contact and one of the best writers I have encountered in a long time. I absolutely adore his writing. He is also a pretty badass guy with great taste in music. So check him out.
  • Mr. London Street: I know I just plugged him above but I wanted to mention him here too because his blog was an awesome find. He is a great writer and quietly hilarious. I have been enjoying him a lot.
  • Eric: Obviously not a new find, but he has recently moved and set up house in a fancy new domain. Also, here’s a little secret, that fancy lady friend he keeps gushing about? Yours truly. So go leave him some house warming love, please.

That’s about all I have for this installment. Hmm. All boys, which reminds me of a recent post by Mr. Apron. Something about female-bloggers taking over the world and leaving those male-bloggers in their dust… I commented that, actually, most of the blogs I read are written by guys so I don’t know that my google reader illustrates this phenomenon and thusly it must not be the case. πŸ˜‰

4) Related to this fancy pants Mr. Apron is the news that the Bloggers Choice Awards are in full voting swing and so I nominated him for Best Humor Blog (it kills me to spell it the American way, but…) so go cast your vote in his favour and make me proud!

And that concludes my Geek it Out blog… except to say that my birthday is on Sunday and I went out to dinner with my parents tonight and was presented with my fantastic new present:


The most adorable little computer ever, an HP Mini. I love it. Love it! It is the cuddly kitten of computers. I didn’t even know that machines could be adorable until I got this one. Best birthday present, ever.

Not only does this computer allow me to stay connected on my adventures to California but it also allows me to remain social while blogging. Like now, for instance, while I write this I am watching Friends while my parents snore contentedly on the couch. They’ve been sleeping since about 10 but give them a break, they’ve had a big day. Wining and dining and making a certain little birdy overjoyed can take it all out of you.

Sweet dreams, interwebs.


9 thoughts on “Geek it Out”

    1. I don’t want to say that the quality of male bloggers is higher than female bloggers. Because that isn’t necessairly the case. I just find that the female blogs I do read are perfect gems I have had to wade through loads of bad writing or boring rambling to find. \Whereas most male bloggers it seems are blogging because they have something worth reading to say rather than blogging just because they can. Or, as I commented to Mr. Apron, maybe I just enjoy reading about the opposite gender’s perceptions.

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