Caffeine Highs and Europe Help

Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

I’m practically buzzing. I feel like a bumble bee hovering with energy and perfectly directionless. Hop, skip, jumping my way through the day. Life can be so damn delicious. Today is the day. Today everything sunk in and the sun poked through the clouds. Today! Today my rail pass came in the mail. I wasn’t even that weirded out when the courier delivered it to me at work despite it being addressed to my house. It’s cool semi-stalker courier guy, I don’t mind at all that you know where I live and work and decide for yourself where you shall drop things off, address be damned. Please stop undressing me with your eyes; I’m wearing scrubs for god sakes.

I’m wired to the max. This is what happens when you guzzle coffee before 11am without being used to it.

I’m heading to Europe in less than two weeks. I can’t believe it. It’s so surreal, here I’ve been talking about doing this since I was in grade school. It’s happening! I still need a little help, just a little. I’m deciding which novels or books of poetry are worth carting around Europe. Any ideas/suggestions?

I’m going to Greece, Italy, Spain and France (in that order)… any sights, hidden delights, etc. etc. you can recommend? I’m looking at you, Seb.

Yeah. Sorry for this ridiculous post. I think my heart is going to explode from this caffeine high.


5 thoughts on “Caffeine Highs and Europe Help”

  1. Bring The Complete Operettas of Gilbert & Sullivan, so you will be totally prepared to satirize English culture upon your arrival, “with laughing song and merry dance.” (That’s a Mikado reference, but soon you’ll know that.)

    Also, I would suggest a book called “Gestures: The Do’s and Taboos of Body Language Around the World” which features many helpful hints about how not to flip people off in other countries, and some very funny cartoon illustrations of foreigners getting the shit kicked out of them.

  2. Don’t be too afraid, Europe’s really easy-going. And people do stop and help you, if you ask loudly enough — they might pretend to ignore you, but… there is some decency left in those cold hearts of theirs.

    France — the Louvre. Needs a full day at least, or longer if you are an art enthusiast.

    Spain — Only childhood memories of Spain. The north west coast is meant to be beautiful. In the south, it’s mainly touristy. The ‘Rhonda Valley’ is charming, as I recall.

    Greece — Never been… was planning to go this summer, maybe…

    Italy — Venice. 2 days at least. Train pass will get you there, which is nice. Just get lost in the streets. But be careful, if you’re no good at reading a map, don’t expect to find people to point you in the right direction if you get REALLY lost. Normally just walk in one direction until you find a major landmark, or the sea.

    Florence… I can’t remember the name of the damn restaurant. But it’s probably in the tourist guides/’top 10 places to eat’ type things. Very small, just wander around with a map. Book museum tickets ahead of time, or you’ll be waiting in a queue for hours. Michelangelo’s David is WTFAWESOME. No words. If you like art, that is šŸ˜›

    Rome… you want to pick up a guide book, really. It’s quite a small city, but spread enough that you’ll be taking buses a lot of the time — but there are two or three walking ‘routes’ that you can take, one each day, and then bus back at the end of the day. A hotel near Termini would be a good idea, for transport reasons (and it’s pretty cheap there). Spanish Steps were overrated. Best gelato in the world is available in Rome, so do try to find it šŸ™‚

    Poke me for more info later, on specific topics preferably… I have a lot of info bouncing around this head, and it’s hard to ‘tap’ into without a little help.

  3. I’ve got to second Venice. It’s beautiful. And also, it’s true about Michelangelo’s David. It really is WTFAWESOME. You can see the VEINS in his HAND. It’s fucking incredible.

      1. Do the day/half-day trip to Murano and Burano, two little islands nearby which are a lot more ‘Venetian’ than central Venice (i.e. not busy, not as smelly, and in better condition).

        And again, don’t spend more than a day or two there, because it’s expensive… and there isn’t much to look at in the way of museums/art. That’s all over in Florence šŸ™‚

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