For the People Who Love Us…

I begged and I pleaded not to go.



Turns out it was worth it in the end. Check out that proud momma smile.

He said, “sometimes we do these things–these ridiculous ceremonies–not for ourselves but, for the people who love us.”

I see that, now. Literally.


7 thoughts on “For the People Who Love Us…”

  1. You only just realised that most of the things we do in life are to please other people…? 😛 And there’s a lot of pleasure to be had in that too! Not to mention, it normally requires just a tiny effort on our behalf to make them happy too… A phone call, a birthday card… looking like an adorable dork at graduation… 😛

    1. What? The world doesn’t revolve around me and my own happiness? Shut it, Seb.

      You’re neglecting to observe how I pimped that fur hood out. Adorable dork? By that, or course, you mean badass gangster.

      1. Um…

        *coughs, rewinding a few years*

        That hood is like, totally bangin’, yo.

        I think it’s the emo hair that does it for me though, all lovely and jet black.

  2. Funny. I thought I went to my college graduation to please my parents.

    Turns out, they weren’t pleased either.

    It was a very hot day, after all.

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