Those Dirty Tingles

He texts me from Florida and all of a sudden I am aflutter. I can feel life in areas of my heart that I thought had long grown dormant. Not to mention the tingles in unmentionable places; those dirty tingles that have you up until 1am. This is my favourite part. The pre-“screwed it all up again” phase when I still think I can reach the unattainable in creating marriages of impossibilities. I start to believe, even if just to myself, that I can find a way to fix what has broken too many times before.

My rational mind was in full force yesterday when I convinced myself it would be a mistake to chase this dragon. But, this morning, I am glossy-eyed and preening. Sometime, late in the night, someone unleashed the pheromones and I am victim again to my own devious nature. The body has a mind of its own and it knows what it wants. He better bring me back a key chain, because god only knows what my body will be planning to offer him.

I close my eyes and am still there: heart pounding, hands in hair, lips finding lips, shedding clothes all over his living room. Finding the presence of mind to leave before I lost myself in him. I left it open-ended then–a Choose Your Own Adventure moment–and now with no warning my body is flipping the pages back and taking a new path. Wish it luck; I was always so good at finding dead-ends.


2 thoughts on “Those Dirty Tingles”

  1. Well, I feel like I’m intruding. O.o I was just looking for more readers for Uninvoked and found quite possibly one of the best written posts I’ve ever seen on Word Press. Have you ever considered writing for standard publication? You’ve got the talent.

  2. Thank you! And I have considered trying to make my way in the writing world… but first I plan to learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry.

    But, thanks. Wow. What a humbling comment.

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