Into the Woods

In the Woods Cover ImageInstead of working on my last university paper last night I stayed up until 2 am finishing In the Woods by Tana French. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t had the chance to read something for fun in so long or because this book is really just that good… but I lost myself so completely in this novel that I surprised myself.

Without giving too much away, this book is about a young Irish male detective who gets put on a child murder case that is somehow connected to a traumatic experience from his past. But, more than that, this is a novel about friendship. About connections found and lost. I’m not usually attracted to mysteries, but I read the first page of this one and I was hooked. Probably, because it seemed more “literary” than your average murder mystery. In any case, I couldn’t put it down. My copy is haggard as if it has gone to hell and back again. I read this on the bus, at work, in the bath tub, in the rain waiting for a ride, early in the morning, late at night, upside down and right side up. Seriously, impossible to put down. Tana French has a prose style that I covet. I love how her paragraphs end with such short poignant observations on life that you can’t help but be awed by them. For example:

I remember that moment because, if I am honest, I have them so seldom. I am not good at noticing when I’m happy, except in retrospect. My gift, or fatal flaw, is for nostalgia. I have sometimes been accused of demanding perfection, of rejecting heart’s desires as soon as I get close enough that the mysterious impressionistic gloss disperses into plain solid dots, but the truth is less simplistic than that. I know very well that perfection is made up of frayed, off-struck mundanities. I suppose you could say my real weakness is a kind of long-sightedness: usually it is only at a distance, and much too late, that I can see the pattern (72).

I highly reccommend this book. Actually, I have already started reccommending this book. The Crush is going to Florida and I told him to take it for the plane… It begins again.


2 thoughts on “Into the Woods”

    1. You should! I adore your writing… and you disabled commenting on a recent post but this: “Sometimes getting it wrong is a step on the path to getting it right. There’s bravery in taking a leap before you know if what you’re wearing are wings.” was just, heartbreaking. And true, so true. And I didn’t love it just because it referenced wings. But it sure doesn’t hurt.

      Anyway, that was a bit off-topic, but thank you… I generally don’t recommend books lightly. I send recommendations out like little children to the world. It hurts if they get crushed by negative opinions. So, I hope you enjoy it. Which you will, because it’s great.

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