Bringing the Sunshine

sunshinecleaningposterI got a chance to see Sunshine Cleaning last night with my friend M. I have to say, this was the best movie I have seen in a long time. It was brilliantly cast, every role was perfectly suited to each actor/actress. It was my favourite type of movie, where not a whole lot in terms of action happens but you really get a glimpse into the lives of the characters. There was so much hinted at and lying beneath the surface that it was unreal. I thought that Emily Blunt was just perfect. She plays tortured and lost so damn well. One scene where she is going through a box of her mother’s old things… things her mom had touched… was so powerful. I remember watching it and feeling emotions bubble up inside of me about my own family and our massive amount of dysfunction and my own feelings on losing my grandmother. I also thought that Alan Arkin was brilliant in another strong supporting role (like Little Miss Sunshine). He plays a Grandfather just trying to make it in the world through various get rich quick schemes. I adored him and his interaction with his grandson. Overall I honestly can’t explain well what exactly it was that made me love the movie so much… but I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a dark look at life, expectations, and family. Also, we got to see the trailer for (500) Days of Summer which is right up my alley too. And yours, Cenzo, lover of all things Zooey.

Update: Oh! And how could I forget! Clifton Collins Jr. who plays Winston… I never thought “my type” could be a one-armed cleaning supplies store owner who sports a rather awful moustache… but it is! It is! It TOTALLY IS!


4 thoughts on “Bringing the Sunshine”

  1. Hehe, I was going to say ‘Sounds like the same kind of film as Little Miss Sunshine”, and… it even has one of the actors!

    God, I loved Little Miss Sunshine!

    I’ll try to grab a copy of this one so that I can ratify your review šŸ™‚

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