Anatomy of a Drunk Dial: Part 2

I’m heading for the dance floor when my worries manifest themselves and here he is in front of me: The catalyst. I stop and attempt to backtrack, bump into someone, and then his head is turning and our eyes meet. The air around me sizzles and I want to laugh, run and cry simultaneously. He shakes his head and begins to turn away, but my body acts on its own and I am grabbing his arm, pulling him towards me, suddenly apologizing in a torrent of self-deprecating remarks and accusations. Wanting so badly to end the chapter and close the book, but compelled to read on. What came first the temptation or the doubt? I don’t know anymore.

Later I will remember the freshly laundered smell of his shirt as he hugged me close and for too long. The jump in my chest, and the steps I had to focus on to turn and walk away. The words, “Well, at least we won’t have to avoid each other anymore.” and the knowledge that, no, I will have to avoid him forever.

(another throwback post from Jan 13, 2008 about The Crush)


3 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Drunk Dial: Part 2”

  1. The fact that I know you, and him, and the history, and the histories of others before and after him… oh LRB. You are an irreplacable one of a kind type of ladyfriend that, no matter the distance (literally and figuratively) between us, I will always wonder about. You live such a gloriously intriguing life that others looking in, and out, are drawn toward.

    That, or you just make every day things sound ridiculously fascinating and dramatic by the way you write 😛

    Oh, and you should leave your cellphone hidden or with a friend when you intend on going out drinking! This should have been learned many moons ago haha… we’ve been through it time and time again!
    I miss you.

  2. Haha aww. Thanks, love. Actually I like mixing things up with a drunk dial now and again… ahah blatant lie. I allow drunk-Lindsay to make all the mistakes she needs to. After all, what we do when we are drunk are usually the same things we desperately want to do when sober, but often times we pretend the opposite. Drunk-Lindsay shows me the way… kind of like a guiding star. lol

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