The Story of Our Love: Part 3 – Endings

He forgot me again. He was supposed to pick me up from the library but dinner with friends probably turned into drinks which would undoubtedly end in him stumbling into bed at 2am with sickly-sweet alcohol dripping from his pores. He would try to embrace me and I would push him away in a dance we’d been doing for weeks; I knew the choreography by heart. He forgot me again, so I took the bus home.

My key in the door excites the puppy who snoopy-dances around me as I discard the day. Now, here is something worth coming home to, I think. And the realization hits me; suddenly and without warning I am sure it has to end. Unaware, Riley continues to hop around me dodging in and out as she attempts to land kisses on my cheek, my ear, anywhere. Until I begin to cry. Startled she climbs into my lap, distraught, not understanding… whining and attempting to lick the tears away. My child of divorce.

I never thought I would be the one to leave.

The next day, we are sitting on the bed. I pick at a bunch of grapes, but this is no roman love scene. He fidgets and I search for the words we both know are coming.

“…in different places…”

“…age difference…”


“…not going to work…”

Before I know it, the conversation is over and we are ending. The credits roll. Dazed, we leave the theater… wondering what just happened. What events have brought us here, almost 3 years later, dividing up our hearts like possessions?

Who gets the dog?


9 thoughts on “The Story of Our Love: Part 3 – Endings”

    1. hmmm yes. see, i was going to write the middle section but the ending is so much more… current. so i did that part now and plan to add the middle later. Part 2 is still in draft form… i’m a mess, i know.

  1. </3

    I may be many miles away, but my eyes swelled up and my heart hurt reading that, and knowing that Im here and you’re there at this particular moment. This is definitely one of those moments where being away seems a little less sweet, knowing being there would mean a lot more.

    Regardless, I heart you. I’m sorry I can’t be there but in.. erm, 5ish days and 8ish hours I shall make my glorious return and shall be at least in driving/comfort range of you. I shall pick you up, and we will go on a glorious adventure, promise. Just let me know when you’re free (Im in Tuesday night). I don’t work, remember.

    Plus, what better gift than one from the sunshine state eh? Yayers for things to look forward to!!

    P.S. you should totally get Riley.

    ❤ the littlest one.

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