Winter Blues

That Lamott woman says that if I sit here long enough staring at the screen something will come to me. She says that this is better than getting up and going about my business. I believe she could actually be speaking directly to me and I promised to take her literally… so here I am. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.

The seasons are beginning to change. There is hope in spring; a lifting of the spirits. A return home. It couldn’t have caught me at a better time. I am elbow deep in stress, lack of motivation, and self-doubt. I sat on my front steps this morning, beaten. Hunkered down in my ratty old quilt… feeling like I had run out of options. But, luckily, today it was spring. Today it didn’t feel like I was stuck with Bill Murray in Groundhog Day with an endless list of deadlines. Today I could feel the future again and visualize the finish line. It felt good. Cotton Jones also helps.


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