That Lamott Woman

Bird by Bird Cover Image

I have been reading the book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott. I choose this out of my overflowing stack of “To be read” books in part because it is about learning to be a better (or at least a more efficient) writer, but mostly because it had the title “Bird by Bird” which is awesome as it references not 1 but 2 (2!) fine feathered friends in its title. We are a match made in heaven. So far the book has taught me that writing really isn’t much fun, but a necessary act for a certain kind of person. Also, it taught me that the only way to make progress in writing is to actually, you know, write. Which surprisingly enough I actually hadn’t figured out for myself yet. So, because I have decided that I am going to take this woman Lamott literally I have decided to write more. She says I should do it every day. So I’m going to start writing every day. Every single day. Probably about nothing much interesting, entertaining or educational. Don’t blame the blog and I, blame that Lamott woman.

Unrelated Note: Have you seen what may or may not actually be Christopher Walken’s twitter page? It is brilliant.

And here is my, rarely updated, far less brilliant contribution.


3 thoughts on “That Lamott Woman”

    1. I like her digressions. Also, I quite enjoy the way she makes her process seem like some horrible affliction that eventually seeps out brilliant material, like pus. Ok maybe that’s not exactly right…

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