The Heartache Can Wait

Christmas isn’t the easiest time. Not because I can’t find just the right presents or the money to buy them. The difficulties don’t stem from overextending myself between friends, family and projects… although that can be stressful.

Anyone who has lost a loved one during Christmas can attest to the real hard part of this season; remembering.

Every ornament that decorates the tree; every cookie baked and then decorated or covered in icing sugar; every snowflake and every smile screams her name.

I am alone baking sugar cookies and singing along to Christmas carols at the top of my lungs. Suddenly she is there in the air around me, in the reflection of the glass, blinking life into a lonely strand of Christmas lights. She is everywhere and all around me and no where at the same time and for this my heart aches.

Merry Christmas

Here is to new loves, old loves, lost loves and everything in between.


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