Snow Days and Stolen Moments

It snowed again today and I have to admit that I am one of those people. You know the type. The kind of person that annoys everyone around them by wishing, hoping, praying for bad weather in order to fulfill some kind of childhood fantasy about snow days. Snow days are stolen time, magical time. Anything can happen on snow days.

Last night, completely without warning (OK, not entirely true, I just happen to ignore weather forecasts) it began to snow big fat flakes at around midnight. Lately my love of inclement weather has reached a new level due to my boyfriend Luke’s profession. As a Jr. High school English teacher, I live vicariously through his snow days. They never tell you when you’re growing up to appreciate the small things like a day off school. Unfortunately, when you get older, weather doesn’t affect your day to day responsibilities. So I guess I can understand where people come from when they get annoyed by the big fluffy flakes I so adore. For them, it is one more inconvenience affecting their schedule… for me, it creates fantastic possibilities. Stolen time. What a concept. As if the hours in the day aren’t really yours.

Last night I dared to hope and once again my psychic powers over the physical world were illustrated. Snow Day! With less than 2 inches of snow. Now, I didn’t get to fully appreciate the blessed event as I was busy hacking away at a 15 page paper until the late afternoon, but on principle it was a victory of epic proportions. First snow day of the year. Cuddles that last past 5:50 am. Snow melting on my puppy’s nose. Hot Chocolate mixed with candy canes. Stolen moments… priceless memories. I love winter.


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